2019-2020 Angel Helper Scheme Training Workshop

2019-2020 Angel Helper Scheme Training Workshop

Angel Helper Scheme Training Workshop


The Angel Helpers scheme is back this year, with a stimulating new programme to help younger students improve their English.

Angel Helpers are volunteer P5 and P6 students, who generously give up their time to work with students from P1 and P2 and make them more confident about using English. Previous Angel Helper programmes have included shared reading and preparation for dictation.

The young students have clearly benefitted from Angel Helpers and their knowledge of English has increased. This year we want to make the sessions both useful and lots of fun so we will use board games to help young students to become more familiar with the letters and words that are the building blocks of English.

We have bought a lot of new games for use in Angel Helpers, including Bananagrams, Wordsearch, What’s Gnu, SlamDunk, Rolling Cubes, Spellwords, Charades for Kids, Rummikub, Guess Animals and more. They are all exciting to play but more importantly, they have a valuable purpose in helping young learners to become more comfortable with English letters, pronunciation and the skill of putting letters together to make words.

Miss Fung and Mr Ashley held a workshop for this year’s Angel Helpers in September and everyone had great fun learning how to play the games. But we also had a serious purpose, working out how we could best use each game to help the younger students. Each Angel Helper is responsible for one of the games and will show the other Helpers how to use them to teach the young learners.

The School is very grateful to all the Angel Helpers for giving their time and energy to assist younger students. We are looking forward to another successful year for the Angel Helpers programme.